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Waterproofing Products
Duram Pty Ltd, has been manufacturing a comprehensive range of waterproofing for almost 30 years ensuring that you can select the correct product for a given waterproofing application. The Duram range of waterproofing products include the following technologies: Water based - Latex, acrylic and polyurethane. Solvent based: Single pack moisture cure and two pack systems. Impregnants: Acrylics, siloxanes and water bourne.Available in Australia and New Zealand.
waterproofing products
Antislip Coatings
Duram manufactures a range of anti-slip and floor coatings in single pack polyurethane technology as well as water-based urethane/acrylic technology.
antislip coatings
Duram has a range of accessories including reinforcing fabrics, sealants, protection board.Ask us about our Armourblue protection sheeting.
duram accessories
duramax textured coatings
Textured Coatings
Duramax, is a brand name within the Duram group of companies. It manufactures a comprehensive range of texture and architectural coatings including: Trowel-on Roll-on Spray-on in a variety of finishes to provide an outstanding and weatherproof coating for your house, building or factory.
textured coatings
Duramax has a range of accessories including mesh and trowels and other tools.
duramax accessories
data sheets
Access product data sheets via Products Button(general product search if you don't know the name of the product) OR via the Data Sheets Button if you do know what product that you are looking for. If you want to match a product for a particular application the search under the Easy Guide Button.
application examples
We are building a portfolio of photographs to illustrate the products, its features, look and application. This is a work in progress - so itmes will be added from time to time.
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