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Crystoflex - 2 Part [ Polymer + Powder] Waterproofing Membrane
Duram Crystoflex is a semi-flexible, 2 pack, water based waterproofing membrane with excellent hydrostatic pressure resistance capability making is suitable for immersed situations, tanking applications, underground and under-tile applications.
Duram 195 - Polyurethane Waterproofing Product
For over 25 years Duram 195 has proven itself to be an outstanding waterproofing membrane. Duram 195 is a single pack, moisture curing waterproofing membrane suitable for external and internal applications. Applications would include: 1. Gutters 2. Planters 3. Retaining walls 4. Landscaped areas 5. Concrete slabs
Rocktuff is a single pack, flexible, polyurethane anti-slip trafficable protective coating. Rocktuff can be used in numerous applications both in doors and out doors. Rocktuff can also be used as a top coat over Duram Multithane.
Water Tank Waterproofed Using Crystoflex
This is a very large concrete water tank which has been waterproofed using Duram Primeseal and Duram Crystoflex.
Gallery Of Projects Waterproofed With Duram Membranes
These projects have been waterproofed using Duram Waterproofing products.
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