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Product Data Sheet

Duram Solvent

Cleaning Solvent and Thinners for Duram 195, Multithane and Rocktuff.


DURAM SOLVENT is a specific non - lacquer solvent for the thinning or diluting of Duram 195, Multithane and Rocktuff as well as cleaning and decreasing surfaces prior to the application of various products within the Duram range. Check PDS for each particular product for recommendations.


DURAM SOLVENT is used for the thinning or diluting of Duram 195, Multithane and Rocktuff products in the Duram range of products and for the cleaning of brushes and spray equipment following the application of Duram 195, Multithane and Rocktuff.  Refer to product data sheets for each particular product for more information.

Suitable Surfaces


The information contained in this product data sheet is typical but does not constitute a full specification as conditions and specific requirements may vary from project to project. The instructions should be considered as a minimum requirement but the applicator or contractor must use their skill, knowledge and experience to carry out additional works as may be necessary to meet the requirements of the project. Specification for specific projects should be sought from the Company in writing.

Precautions in Use

Use in areas of good ventilation. The wearing of solvent resistant gloves, coveralls, mask and safety footwear is recommended. Avoid breathing vapour. Product is flammable. Keep away from naked flames and all other sources of ignition. Refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet for all precautions.


Can be applied by brush or clean cloth.
Adhere to all precautions on MSDS.


The stated average coverage rate may vary depending upon type, condition, porosity, texture of the surface and application technique.


Not Applicable.


Clear. Available in 1 , 4 and 20 Lt pails.

Drying and Curing

Drying and curing of the product is affected by type, dryness and porosity of the surface, temperature, humidity, ventilation, climate conditions and application technique and therefore drying and curing can only be given as a guide.


Allow product to flash off any surface that it is applied to prior to the application of another product.


Store in cool, dry area. Product is flammable. Store away from naked flames, heat sources, other sources of ignition and any other accelerants or corrosive compounds. Keep out of the reach of children.  Shelf life - about 24 months if stored correctly.

Safety & Precautions

Read the MSDS for all precautions. Product is flammable. Class 3 dangerous goods must be declared prior to transportation. The use of a suitable mask and solvent resistant gloves, goggles and coveralls is recommended when using the product.


For full safety data refer to the products Material Safety Data Sheet. Observe precautions as per label.

Tests and Technical Data

Shelf life - about 24 months if stored correctly. Flash Point: 27 degrees C.


Issued: 1 May 2012 | Valid to: 31 May 2020

Conditions of Use and Disclaimer

The information contained in this Material Data Sheet is given in good faith based upon our current knowledge and does not imply warranty, express or implied. The information is provided and the product is sold on the basis that the product is used for its intended purpose and is used in a proper workmanlike manner in accordance with the instructions of the Product Data Sheet in suitable and safe working conditions. Under no circumstances will the Company be liable for loss, consequential or otherwise, arising from the use of the product.


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