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The ultimate in an anti-slip coating in a single can. Rocktuff is a single pack, liquid applied polyurethane coating that can be brushed, sprayed or rolled.

No more two pack systems which are difficult to use.

Unbelievably Rocktuff is - tough yet flexible, hard yet impact resistant, will not flake or crack, has good chemical resistance, approved fire rating and has an attractive textured finish with an anti-slip rating which makes it suitable for industrial, commercial and domestic applications.

Suitable for foot and vehicular traffic, load areas of utes & truck and many, many more uses.

Plus, Rocktuff dries quickly (usually in a few hours) and suitable for light traffic within 24 to 30 hours and heavy traffic after 3 days.

Rocktuff is available in a Light Grey, Dark Grey, Black, Safety Yellow.

Important: For application and other information please refer to the products data sheet.
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Product Datasheet
Material Safety Datasheet
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Rocktuff 4 Litres
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