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Duram EP S100 - Solventless, heavy duty, industrial / commercial epoxy floor coating
Duram EP S100 is a 100% solids (No VOCs), solventless, heavy duty, roll-on epoxy floor coating. Duram EP S100 has high chemical and taint resistance. Duram EP S100 is designed for foot and vehicular...
Duram EP S100 (Hardener) - Duram EP S100 (Hardener)
Hardener component of Duram EP S100 epoxy. Please refer to Duram EP S100 Product data Sheet
Duram EP S100 Resin - Resin Component of Duram EP S100
Resin Component of Duram EP S100, which is a 100% solids, VOC free, epoxy. For Further details please refer to Duram EP S100 product data sheet.
Rocktuff - Liquid Polyurethane , Anti-Slip Protective Coating
The ultimate in an anti-slip coating in a single can. Rocktuff is a single pack, liquid applied polyurethane coating that can be brushed, sprayed or rolled. No more two pack systems which are diffi...
ViroCoat - Enviromentally Friendly, Water-Based, Floor Coating
ViroCoat is a water based coating designed for toughness, durability, abrasion resistance and trafficability. It can be used as a general floor coating (it is smooth and not an anti-slip coating) o...
ViroTuff - Environmentally Friendly, Anti-Slip Coating
ViroTuff is a hard-wearing , water-based anti-slip coating that is applied by roller, brush or spray. VitoTuff is designed to provide safe and secure footing for many types of pedestrian areas such a...
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