Durabit EF Waterproofing Membrane EXAMPLES

Durabit can be used for internal areas such as wet areas and externally such as tiled areas (decks, podiums, roofs) as well as retaining walls, water tanks and more. Here are a few such areas.

The following picture galleries show: 1. Durabit EF waterproofing membranes in situ. 2. Areas and applications where Durabit EF has been used. 3. Some projects that have been waterproofed with Durabit EF. Durabit EF is suitable for use internally (for wet areas, shower recess, bathrooms and laundries) AND externally (tiled balconies, podiums, roofs and retaining.

Durabit EF – External areas waterproofed with Durabit EF

Durabit products used in the above examples